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BEST WAYS TO EAT NATTO | Slimy Fermented Soy Beans

Here are 3 ways that I love eating natto!

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Studies suggest Japanese superfood Natto could extend your life, if you can stomach it

The sticky, slimy, smelly fermented soybeans are loaded with vitamins and probiotics, and are linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

How to Make Natto-Home made Fermented Soybeans Recipe-

In this movie we will show you how to make natto at home.

Natto is a traditional health food transmitted from ancient times in Japan.

You can easily make it at home with a pressure cooker or yogurt maker.

Why do not you make delicious natto using Japanese soybeans and Bacillus natto?

【The material of natto is also sold here】

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