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기적을 만들어 내는 5가지 리더십 [인간관계,성공,자기계발,동기부여,부자되는법]

본 영상은 행복한북클럽의 지원으로 제작되었습니다.

팀을 성공으로 이끄는 데 절대 실패하지 않는 5가지 리더십 [자기계발, 동기부여] 리더 인간관계 대인관계 처세술 부자 부자되는법 부자되는방법 돈버는법 돈버는방법 돈모으는법 돈모으는방법 협상 대화 말잘하는법 말투 화법 화술 경제 창업 비즈니스 사업 CEO 취업 경영 비젼 도전에 대한 책 추천 도서
#리더십 #인간관계 #자기계발

참고: 조영탁 저 - 당신의 팀은 괜찮습니까 (행복한북클럽)

대본 유해나 | 편집 정희승 | 내레이션 김서후 | 제작총괄 책갈피

[Orchestral] → Shalash (Royalty Free Download) by Alexander Nakarada - Royalty Free Music
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PayPal CEO and Microsoft CEO Share Insights on Leadership

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman hosted Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on the PayPal campus. In this video, they discussed Nadella's new book #HitRefresh, exploring the importance of being an empathetic leader, talking about cultural transformation, and more.

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Wharton Leadership Lecture: John Sculley, Legendary CEO, Apple, Pepsi-Cola Co.

The Wharton Leadership Lecture Series seeks to provide a forum for the most senior executives from the public and private sectors to address pertinent leadership issues and share their insights with the Wharton community. In this lecture, John Sculley, Legendary CEO, Apple, Pepsi-Cola Co., Founding Partner and Chairman, RxAdvance shares his journey with entrepreneurship and shares stories from his many years of working with Steve Jobs.




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