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How to draw a test tube rack [ 4K ]

Test tube racks are laboratory equipment used to hold upright multiple test tubes at the same time. They are most commonly used when various different solutions are needed to work with simultaneously, for safety reasons, for safe storage of test tubes, and to ease the transport of multiple tubes. Test tube racks also ease the organization of test tubes and provide support for the test tubes being worked with.

Source: Wikipedia

Filmed with DJI Osmo Pocket in 4K UHD 60fps

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Karter Scientific 50 Place Test Tube Rack [Assembly & Overview]

Karter Scientific 50 Place Test Tube Rack Assembly \u0026 Overview.
Assembly and first look at the Karter Scientific 50 Place Test Tube Rack and short comparison to the SEOH 60 Tube Rack.
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Purchase Karter Scientific 50 Place Test Tube Rack here https://amzn.to/2NgxcQL (Amazon Affiliate)

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SEOH 60 Tube Test Tube Rack:

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from Amazon:

by Karter Scientific
Karter Scientific 208U2 Plastic Test Tube Rack for 15/17mm Tubes, Holds 50, Detachable


From Karter Scientific


Detachable ABS Plastic Test Tube Rack. Clear for easy viewing and holes are inscribed with number for tracking Tubes. Convenient end plates for identification labels. Three tiers.

Karter Scientific Test Tube Rack 50-Place Test Tube Rack for 15/17mm Diam. Tubes Detachable Plastic

Karter Scientific,
Karter Scientific Test Tube Rack,
Karter Scientific Test Tube Rack 15/17mm,
Karter Scientific Test Tube Rack 50-Place Test Tube Rack,

John Park's Mad Science Test Tube Rack @adafruit @johnedgarpark #Halloween #adafruit

Build a creepy, glowing test tube display... if you dare. A Feather microcontroller makes the UV LEDs shine to create dazzling effects in the fluorescent pigment-and-water filled test tubes. Easy-to-assemble black iron pipe forms the base of this labware set. The perfect prop for your own haunted house or creepy laboratory.
Learning Guide: https://learn.adafruit.com/mad-science-test-tube-rack/overview

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